Zombie Tales- the passing of time chapter 2nd w/poem

Open heart with bars of steel
emotional loss, unable to feel
Driven fast,  my insides peel
on a quest, for what is real.

All day long, I feel dead
walking along with a hole in my head
looking for someplace to bed
after being very well fed.

Day in, day out, I drone about
unable to scream, unable to shout
my very existence, do I doubt
this is why, my mind wants out.

Do you doubt who you are?
have you fallen down that far?
Are you like a burned out star?
Is your life kept in a jar?

Let it loose, let it free
live to be, what you can be
everyone in front can see,
that is why I, is no longer me.

Zombie Tales-
The passing of time
chapter 2nd w/ poem

After rummaging the books on the table, I make my way through the kitchen, grabbing a leg of meat on my way to the back closet. I had broken in, in broad daylight, so what?  I could see my neighbors locked box, but did not bother to try its lock. That secret, was beyond my kine. But I would play with all the rest of the things which lay open before me. Perhaps I could find something worth my minimal effort.

He saw me there. I knew he would. It’s not like I had done anything at all to disguise myself. Zombies are crass fellows. They tend to walk straight to their desires without ducking or pausing. Is there a wall in the way? Crash!

Me, the epitome of Zombie persistence. Faintly I hear a bug buzzing itself up into a frenzy. That’s one of the drawbacks to having rotted flesh. Buzzz buzzz, STOP THIEF! buzzz buzzz. Why are you in my house? buzz buzz.

To bored to kill him, I tuck my weapon inside its case, putting my hands inside my cloaked pockets and say, “yup, you caught me. Can we just be friends now? Heres your stuff back”. But for some reason my stupid jolly neighbor stayed angry. He got all bent outa shape over it and started to punch me. It was just a matter of time before, gun in hand he would have me meet my maker.

My maker, hahahahaha. Silly buzzing man, he does not even know what consists of this thief inside his house.

I do him a favor, and leave. Jogging quickly around a bend. Then another bend, a series of rights. Stopping at last in the place of shadow right under his nose. I wait. targets have such short memories. I watch silently from my place. The neighbor has many comrades. Soon they conglomerate around me, milling back and forth like dogs looking for a scent. They have no idea how ineffective they are. I wish they would hurry up and give up, I’m getting bored just standing here in the shadows.

Will wonders never cease? One of the bugs found me. No, it was not skill of pace, rather in his chicken scratching, he stumbled over his own foot, and bumble tripped right into my arms. He is quite lucky. Had I prefered to move just 3 inches, he would have bumbled his way right off the top of the roof, into a plummeting death.

Bugs amuse me. Gathering my heavy load of crap tight into my being, I bolt through the crowd faster than anyone could have imagined, leaving behind only the faint smell of contempt. It was all too easy. I headed outside, but didn’t go far. Why should I? I still had this big load of crap to dump. In fact, I had accomplished nothing at all. Except the passing of time.

Time, I had aplenty. Now that the whole town was after me, stirred up like a bee’s nest, I figured I had better lay low. I found a rock, great, big, and imposing, wrapped my self around it, weapon out and ready of course. I slept. Zombie sleep, is eternal. An hour is like a year. For time exists only to man and his ilk. was it three days or three years I slept? Waking, I begin again. Oh how very thirsty I am, and how very,very bored.

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