My death enhanced

My broken heart is torn in two
thrown on the ground, by only you
My burning mind, you’ve made a stew
Raped my soul and left me blue.

You’ve dropped me down.

I stood up tall, you cut me down
I tried to smile, you made me frown
When I heal, you come aroun’
Because of you, I want to drown.

My life is nothing.

You say that love is what we need
But when I try, you make me bleed.
I tried to plant a lover’s seed
But it was thrown to swine for feed.

I am the swine.

So now my soul has given up
in your hand, you hold a cup
with my blood, it is filled up
On my heart, tonight you sup.

I die for you

So close my eyes, when you are through
And pay the ferry man his due.
Making sure that I get to
The place where I won’t be with you.

I’m in purgatory.

And in the end, when all is done
Each living scene, played out in fun.
You’ll figure out, I was the one
That ceased to be, a discarded son.

I am made new.


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