subscribing to blogs

Hello guys, I just got done surfing the tag surfer. I was looking for interesting things to subscribe to. Well, long story short, there are a lot of crappy totally uninteresting blogs out there. But I found out, while surfing that if you read the blogs out loud while speaking in a funny voice. For example) Mr. Mackie from South Park, or Southern hick voice, or, high-pitched little whiner, well then, blog reading becomes much more interesting. Try it sometime. My blog volunteers. It’s probably pretty dull too.


ok, ok, If I subscribed to you. Your blog was interesting without the funny voices. Im still learning how this stuff works.


2 thoughts on “subscribing to blogs

  1. Interesting idea. I should try this. Of the top of my head, I’d like to read aloud blogs in the following voices:
    A mime
    perry the platypus

    Did you happen to try any of those? 😛

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