Zombie Tales- Learning lessons the hard way 6th w/poem

Zombies are a witty lot
sometimes we scheme, sometimes we plot
we never do what we ought
hoping that we might get caught.

First we steal, then we kill
and keep on doing until we fill
up our lives with iron will
and go on climbing up our hill.

Zombie Tales
Learning lessons the hard way
chapter 6th w/ poem

Walking away from my three good-for-nothing traveling companions, had me take on a more serious mind. I had added a new rule to my zombie game, thus making it even more challenging for myself. I was really pushing the limits of sane behavior. Was I just too numb to care? Did I wish to die? Nah, never that. I was just really fucking bored.

My rule said, I must push forward always, until I could return triumphant. I could not return otherwise, and I could not cheat. Accepting the consequences for my zombie actions, I must stay alive, using only what chance gave me. I put myself in harm’s way. But I did not do so, lightly. Self defence became my topmost priority. Perhaps even an obsession.

 My zombie self morphed a little here. I would not resume thinking. My brain was still switched into the off position. But yet my form felt more like a lone deer who’s path crossed a huge open field. My silhouette fully exposed with a hunter behind every tree. I started to take my stealth seriously, using every trick I knew and then some. But there were rules to follow even in this. I must only walk straight ahead. I guess now, I was a zombie deer.

I knew my world well. Everything I could ever want was always at my fingertips. It was surprising how that now, I could find nothing that I needed. Very surprising.

I had not known how much of my success before, was directly attributed to my own efforts. Not until, I stopped making those efforts. But here I speak with hindsite. At the time, as I walked around, obsessing over my safety and looking for bullets, I was extremely upset with lady luck.

I figured it was all just a fluke of bad luck and chance timing. With every step proving futile, I became more and more befuddled with my luck. I became so serious, it’s a miracle I could walk, what, with how tight my butt cheeks were clenched.


I did locate a few discarded bullets on the ground beside a stream crossing. Primed and workable, but as luck would have it, they were just more of the crap bullets I already had two of. Now I had 10 bullets. I breathed a bit easier. regarding them like true friends in a time of need. But the irony of it all did not escape me. I had many weapons on my person. All of them useless without shells and powder.

Despite what I just said, that being something to the effect of, ‘we make our own fates,’ yet, I am a believer, in fate as having an element apart from myself. It’s the variable that adds surprises to life. Like weather, it can be predicted but never mapped with accuracy.

Fate blew on me this day, for despite thinking I knew every square inch of my territory, my feet had been set on a path I had always previously disregarded. A new trail, I had never bothered to learn.  Yeah, I knew it existed, I knew it led somewhere, but I had never made the effort, and so I was blind, for real, in this respect. 

My foreword stepping zombie-deer  feet-hooves brought me right up to a door hidden in plain sight. The door of a local government building. hmmmm, so this is where the mafia has their base of operations, wow! Pondering this, it all made perfect sense.

Now being me, I would prefer not to go into that tangled mess of a hornets nest.

But I really needed some bullets. I really wanted to go home, so I could get back to life as usual. Clean, well dressed, well supplied and well rested. But I couldn’t do that, until I won my challenge. Damn, if I didn’t know they of all people would likely have all the bullets, weapons, and treasure beyond even my imaginings. I opened up the hidden door, and crept inside.


2 thoughts on “Zombie Tales- Learning lessons the hard way 6th w/poem

    • I wonder if I know any kindergarden teachers who could test out the theory? Nah, not creepy. Children with accents always get away with everything. Thanks for the commenting, Moose.

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