Zombie Tales- Into the viper pit. chapter 7th w/poem

I be zombie, this what I be
walking dead, this is me
I have no fear, I will not flee
a straight path, my destiny.

Through thick and thin, I preserver,
taking on, what foe comes near.
I worry not, I have no peer
I don’t react, to what I hear.

I chose this path, I was so bored,
and in each fight, my spirit soared.
But only once, I cut this cord,
and nothing was, my just reward.

But in the course, of my plight
I came upon, a needed sight
a place of power and of might
So staying zombie, just wasn’t right.

But zombie rules, are still in play
now bringing caution, to this fray
I can not know, how ends this day
but know it must, be done my way

I had happened upon a large covert crime base. The criminals in question, being only the biggest fish in the sea. Big money, big power, big business. But the potential to exploit, ahem, er.. explore this situation was just what I needed to forget the dullness of my existence.

Shedding my Zombie clumsiness, I slipped back into my comfortable boots and simple dark clothes. Still not geared up as I prefered, due to lack of opportunity, but this outfit was silent, so would have to do. Walking unarmed into a nest of vipers, surrounded on all sides by walls of unfamiliar layout. This was a serious game.

I should turn right around and go home, as fast as my feet would carry me. By this time, the pit-stop town I had left behind, had certainly forgotten my petty crimes by now. But this, I would not do. My zombie rules were still in effect. I had not met the victory conditions I had set for myself.

Finding a trash bin, I discarded some of my more useless gear. Good thing too, as doing so, I happened upon two high-powered solid point bullets. They had slipped into the farthest recess of my mess-kit, unnoticed. The steel of my eyes, matching the steel of their casings.  “Ahhh, my deadly, loyal friends”. “I love you, you high-powered little objects”. “Your clink is music to my ears.”

I knew clear advantage even in this unfamiliar place. Often more things can be accomplished by a party of one, and much more effectively, than can be accomplished by a group of large numbers. perceiving, that their very size and scope would be the thing of greatest disadvantage to them. I counted on their overconfidence, knowing their blindness would match their perceived power.

As long as I could isolate their detection of my presence, I was assured success. But patience was not my strong point. Patience, was what I needed most.

On any other day, I would have headed straight for the penthouse suites on the top floor. I knew myself, and what I was capable of.  But residing within my means, I chose instead a more frugal path.  Committing myself to the basement, I edged my way toward the stairs. Skirting all those who lounged around, between myself and my destination. Once below, I would breathe easier, and asses the situation, as well as get a good view of the under-structure of this building. Thus planning my next move.

I had no fear. There were too many advantages on my side for that stupid emotion. If anything, it could be said that I felt elation. Except for the dogs. These were my biggest obstacle and needed to be dealt with as efficiently as 10 crappy bullets could produce. Humans are blind and dumb, but dogs supersede every human weakness.

There at the back of the hallway, and around a corner, on a mat, slept my first challenge.


did you like this poem story?

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